Compulsory School Attendance Law

What is it?
This is a law that has been implemented to different degrees in most developed countries. This law sets a minimum age to which a child is required by law to attend school, and is not allowed to quit or drop out.

Here are some of the age restrictions by country:

Australia: 15
Canada: 16
France: 16
Germany: 16
India: 14
United Kingdom: 17
United States: 17

What are its problems?
Many people argue that education for children should not be compulsory. They say that it violates the rights of both children and parents. They also argue that it makes children appreciate education less, since it is not a privilege but something that is forced on them. The final argument is that children learn better outside of school in the real world.

Education is mandatory for children into their teenage years in most developed countries. However, not all people agree with this and think that it should not be mandatory. No matter what anyone’s opinion is, it looks like compulsory education is here to stay.